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CLASS OF 1889 

saasrui'i^^' ^^'' 





if ©n^M m^^^MW. 

Sixteenth Sessions. 




- -^ - — '''^- 


Xj" The Slated Clerk of Synod, having* been ne- 
cessarily absent fvom home, and at a considerable dis- 
tance from the press, when the first of these sheets 
was printed, the following- errors escaped; which, 
though unimportant, are here noticed, that the reader 
may correct them, with his pen. 

Page 3, last line but one,— For Joshua, read Joseph. 

Ibid,, last line, — For Job Knox, read John Knox. 

Page 7, line 21, — For this, read their. 

Page 8, line 23, — After and, insert it 





Synod met, in the Presbyterian Church of the town 
vof Fayetteville, in the County of Cumberland, and 
State of North Carolina, on the evening- of Tuesday, 
the 10th of November, 1829, accordin^j to adjourn- 

In the absence of the Moderator, a Sermon was 
preached by the Rev. Samuel L. Graham, from John 
xviii. 38. "Pilate saith unto him. What is truth?'* 

Constituted with Prayer. 

Present. — Of the Presbytery of Orange, the Rev. 
William McPheeters, D. D., and the Rev. Messrs. 
Samuel Paisley, Samuel L. Graham, and Abner Wl 
Gay; with D r.' Thomas H. Read, Ruling Elder. 

Of the Presbytery of Cpncord, the Rev. John Ro- 
binson, D. D., the Rev. John M. Wilson, D. D., and 
the Rev. Messrs. John V/illiamson, Daniel Gould, Sa- 
muel Williamson, and Robert H. Morrison; with Mr.^ 
Samuel Caldwell, Ruling Elder. And 

Of the Presbyterj' of Fayetteville,the Rev. Messrs. 
Robert Tate, John Mclntyre, Colin Mclver, and Dun- 
can Mclntyre; with Jilessrs. William Boney i^nd Ar- 
chib^^^l McQueen, and the Hon. Henry Potter, Rul- 
ing Elders. 

AlsenU~0^ the Presbytery of Orange, the Rev. 
Messrs. William Paisley and Ezekiel B. Currie, the 
Rev. t-seph Caldwell,'D. D. and the Rev. Messrs. 
John Witherspoon, John H. Pickard, Elijah Graves, 
EUsha Mitchell, Lemuel D. Hatch, Eli W. Caruthers, 
Arch'd D. Montgomery, James W. Douglass, Joshua 
I^baree, James'Weatherby, Job Knox, Wm. Neill, 




Dai'ius C. Allen, William S. Plumer, Edward Ilollis- 
ter, and Daniel A. Penick. 

Of tlie Pre- sbytery of Concord, the Rev. James Mc- 
Ree, D.D. andlhe "liev. Messrs. Joseph D. Kilpatrick 
and Jonathan O. Freeman, the Rev. Robert H. Chap- 
man, I). D. and the Rev. Messrs. Henry M. Kerr, Jo- 
seph E. Bell, Walter S. Pharr, John M. Erwin, James 
Stafford, Henry N. Pharr, John Silliman, Jesse Kan- 
kin, and Stephen Frontis. And 

Of the Presbytery of Fayetteville, the Rev. Messrs. 
Samuel Stanford, Murdoch McMillan, Allan McDou- 
gald, William Peacock, John McFarland, and James 
G. Hamner. 

Adjourned, to meet at this place on to-morrow, at 
10 o'clock A. M. Closed with Prayer. 

Wednesday y Novemler 11, 1829. 

Synod met, according to adjournnient. Present as 
above. Opened with Prayer. The Minutes ot last 
evening were read. 

The Rev. John Williamson was chosen Moderator; 
and the Rev. Messrs. Colin Mclver and Abner W. 
Gay, were appointed Clerks. _ 

The Minutes of the last Stated Sessions of Synod 
were read. 

A letter from the Rev. Lemuel D. Hatch, the last 
Moderator of Synod, assigning the reasons of his ab- 
sence from the first parts of the present Sessions of 
this Synod, was received and read; and his reasons 
were sustained. ^ 

The Rev. Erasmus Powers, a member of the Pres- 
bytery of Harmony, and of the Synod of South Caro- 
lina and Georgia, being present, was invited to sit, 
with this Synod, as a corresponding member. 

A letter was received from the Rev. John Wither- 
spoon, assigning the reasons of his absence from the 
present Sessions of Synod, which reasons were sus- 
tained. 1 p . 

A letter from the Stated Clerk of the Synod of Vir- 
ginia was received, read, and laid on the table, foJf 
future consideration^ 


The Report of tlie Board of Directors of the Uiiiosi 
Theoloprical Seminury, was received, and read; and 
referred to llie Rev. WilfKim McPheeters D. D., the 
Rev. John Robinson D.D., and the Rev. Messrs. Sam- 
uel L. Graham, Daniel Gould, and Robert Tate, who 
were directed to make report thereon, during' the 
present Sessions. 

The Rev. John M. Wilson D. D., and the Rev. 
Dani^J Gould, iissig-ned the reasons of their absence 
from the last Stated Sessions of this Synod; which 
reasons were sustained. 

The Rev. Messrs. John ^yiIliamson, John Mclntyre, 
and Samuel Williamson, assigned the reasons of their 
absence from the last and preceding- Stated Sessions 
of this Synod; wjiich reasons were sustained. 

The Rev. John M. Wilson D. D., the Rev. Wm. 
McPheeters D. D., the Rev. Jolm Mclntyre, the Hon. 
Henry Potter, Mr. Samuel Caldwell, and Dr. Thomas 
H. Read, were appointed a committee of Bills and 
Overtures, to meet, at this place, durin<j the recess 
of Synod to-day; and afterwards, on their own ad- 

The Records of the several Presbyteries compos- 
ing- this Synod, were severally referred, for review, 
to the following committees, viz.—the Records of the 
Presbytery of Orange, to the Rev. Messrs. Robert 
Tate and Samuel Williamson;— of the Presbytery of 
Concord, totheKev. 3Iessrs. Samuel Paisly and Dun- 
can jlclntyre;— and of the Presbytery of Fayetteville, 
to the Rev. Messrs. ilorrison and Gay, with instruc- 
tions to report thereon, during the present Sessions. 
Resolvedy That a conversation on the state of reli- 
gion within the bounds of this Synod, and on other 
topics connected therewith, regulated by a resolu- 
tion passed by this Synod, at its Stated Sessions of 
1827, be the order of the day, for to-morrow, at half 
an hour past three o'clock, P. M. 

The letter from the Stated Clerk of the Synod of 
Virginia, which, on its reception, had been laid on 
the table, was read a second time, and then referred 
to the committee on the report of the Board of Di- 
rectors of tlie Union Theological Seminarv. 

liesolred. That, on Friday next, ut 10 o'clock, A. 
M. S\ nod will, Ibr a short season, suspend its delib- 
erations, to aHbrd an opportunity to the Presbyterian 
Missionary Society of North Carolina, to hold its an- 
nual meeting'. 

Jicsolvtd, That, on Saturday next, this Synod will 
sj)cnd some time, in prayer, conference, and mutual 
exhortation, commencing at 9 o'clock, A. M. ; and 
that the liev. Jolui Robinson D. D., and the Hon'ble 
Henry Potter be a committee to make arrangements 
for these exercises. 

The liev. Messrs. Harding and Gould, were ap- 
pointed a committee, to receive from the Directors 
of the Union Theological Seminary, on the part of 
this Synod, an account of their expenses in travelhng 
to and from the said Seminary. 

The Annual Reports from the Presbyteries of 
Orange and Concord, were produced; and, being" 
read, were approved. 

From the report of the Presbytery of Orange, it 
appears that said Presbytery consist of twenty-seven 
members; and have under their care, thirty -four con- 
gregations, four licentiates, and six candidates; — that, 
on the 13th day of December 1828, they have ov- 
da.'med,sine-fifubt to the work of the Gospel ^Ministry, 
the Rev. Samuel H. Smith; — that, on the 16th day of 
April 1829, they have dismissed the Rev. John Knox, 
to join the Presbytery of Winchester; — that on the 
sanne da}', they have received, the Rev. Thomas P. 
Hunt, as a member of their Presbytery, from the 
Presbytery of Hanover; — that, on the same day, they 
have received the Rev. Hiram P. Goodrich, as a mem- 
ber of their Presbytery, from the Presbytery of Al- 
bany;— that, on the 18th day of April 1829, they 
have ordained, sine-titulo^ to the work of the Gospel 
Ministry, the Rev. N. H. Harding; — that, on the same 
day, they have licensed Mr. Robert D. Russel, to 
preach the Gospel; — that, on the 7th day of October 
1829, they have received, as a member of their Pres- 
bytery, from the Associate Reformed Presbytery of 
New York, the Rev. Sidney AVeller; — that, on the 
isame day, they have received, as a member of theiF 

>*re3bytcr\-, from the Presbytery of Flizabetlitowi;, 
the Kev. Miciuiel Osborn; — that, on the c^th day ot' 
October 1SJ9, they hcCve dismissed the Hev. Darius 
C. Allen, to ioin the Presbytery of Columbus, Ohioi 
— that, on the same day, they have licensed Messrs. 
Alex'r WiLon, and Geor^^-e Ferril, to preach the dos- 
pel; — and that they have dissolved the church ot' 
Providence; and directed its members to unite with 
the church of.Oxtbrd. 

From the report of the Pre^byte^^• of Concord, it 
appears, that said Presbytery consist of twenty-one 
inembt^; and have under their care, fifty-one con- 
srreg-ations; three licentiates, and two candidates; — 
that, on the Ibrh day ofNoveujber 1S2S, they have 
ordained the l{ev. Patrick J. Sparrow, Minister of the 
Gospel, and installed him Pastor of the church of 
Emanuel; — that, on the same day, they have licensed 
Mr. Robert L. Caldwell, and Mr. Leander A. Watts, 
to preach the Gospel; — that, on the 2d day of April 
1829, they have received the llev. Stephen Frontis, 
as a member of this Presbyter)-, from the Presbytery 
of Orang'e; — that, on the same day, they have receiv- 
ed the Rev. Christopher Bradshaw, as a member of 
their Presbyteiy, from the Presbytery o*" French 
Broad; — that, on the 4th day of April 1829 .ney have 
licensed Mr. Josiah James Kirkpatrick, to preach the 
Gospel;— that, on the same day, they have suspend- 
ed, from the Gospel Ministry, the Rev. Joseph E. 
Bell^--t]iat,on the 15th day of IMay 1S29, they have 
installed til e Rev. Stephen Frontis, as Pastor of the 
United congregations ofBethany and Tabor; and that, 
on the 22d day of ilay 1829, they have received, as 
a member of their Presbytery, from the Presbytery 
of Bethel, the Rev. Samuel L. Watson, and installed 
him, as the Pastor of the congregation of Steel-creek. 

The Uev. Messrs. Samuel II. SmUh, and N. H. Hard- 
ing, two of the new members of the Presbytery of 
Orange, above reported; and the Rev. Samuel Wat- 
son, one of the new members of the Presbytery of 
Concord, also above reported, being present, took 
their seats as members of Synod. 

The lion. Ilenrv Potter obtained leave of absence 

].-om the vcmanung Sessions of tlus Syncnl; and Mr. 
Ch'd McQueen \vas appointed a member ot the 
committee of Bills and Overtures, m his place^ 

The Ilev, I'Ui W. Cavuthers appeared ni Svnod; 
and having assigned satisfactory reasons lor his ab- 
sence from thcprecedincrpartof the present Ses- 
sions of Svnod, took his seat. 

^'he committee of Bills and Overtures, presented 
Overture, No. I; v.hich, being read considered, and 
amended, was adopted; and is as follows, viz t: 

\v lerc-as it has heretofore been customary for 

IMes V e,ies, to grant to Candidates for the Ministry 

unde 'their care,^ the liberty of occasionally address- 

ng worshipping assemblies, in the way of exhorta- 

•o^n— and whe?eas this liberty, although under pro- 

ei restrictions, it may contribute to the improve- 

Kient of student's of Theology, and to the edification 

^f the churches, is, nevertheless, sometimes product. 

■■e of mischief, in consequence of ^he imprudence of 

some inexperienced young men, in giving utteraiice 

^Hrnde and injudicious expressions, and sometimes 

eve; to senSments, hurtfully erroneous;--therefore 

iLlved, That it be, and hereby ^s, enjomed on the 

feveral Presbyteries belonging to this Synod to take 

such order on this subject as may, m their judgnient, 

be found best calculated to prevent, or correct any 

evil of the kind, ^vhich may be thought to exist a- 

"Afjoumed,tomeet,at thisplace, onto-morrow, 
at 9 o'clock, A. M. Closed with prayer. 

Thursday, 12fh November 1S29. 
Synod met, according to adjournment. ^ Present 
as above. Opened with prayer. The mmutes of 

'%'^tZi:^ Mctan, aRuling Elder of the church 
of Favetteville, having been appointed to represent 
thaHhurch, n this "synod, as the alternate of the 
Hon. Henry Potter, appeared in Synod, and took his 
seat, as a member. 


The Rev. John SllUman appeared in Synod; and 
having- ussiyncd satisfactory reasons tor his absence 
from the last stated Sessions, and from tlie preceding 
parts of tlie present Sessions of Synod, took his seat. 

The Rev. Messrs. Hunt and S'taftbrd appeared in 
Synod, and having- assigned satisfactoiy reasons for 
not appearing earlier, took their seats. 

The committee to whom the report of the Board 
of Directors of the Union Theological Seminary, and 
the letter from the Stated Clerk of the Synod of Vir- 
ginia, had been rcfeiTed, exiiihited their report, 
\vhie[i ^\'^s read, and laid on the table, for future con- 

Th'e committee of Bills and Overtures presented 
Overtures Nos. 2 and 3; which were read and laid on 
the table. 

Overture No. 3 was taken up, read a second time, 
and adopted; and is as follows, viz't: 

Resolved^ Ihat this Synod has witnessed, with 
■great satisfaction, the noble efforts of the American 
Bible Society to introduce the Holy Scriptures, with- 
out note or comment, into all the destitute families 
in the United Statesjn two yeai'S; and they do affec- 
tionately and earnestly recommend to all the mem- 
bers of their churches, a cordial and vigorous co-op- 
eration with that gi-eat National Institution and its 
auxiliaries, in accomplishing this sublime enterprise 
of Christian Benevolence;— an enterprise, intimately 
connected vath the dearest interests of our beloved 

Resolved, mcreovert That the Synod regard, with 
sentiments of approbation, the contemplated conven- 
tiori of the friends of the Bible cause, in the City of 
Raleigh, during the present month; and are of opin- 
ion that the meeting may he happily calculated to 
carry into effect, the great object in view. 

Overture 'iNo. 2 was taken up; read a second time; 
and after some time spent in deliberation thereon, it 
■was re-committed to the committee of Bills and Over- 
tures, with the addition of the Rev. John Robmson, 
D. D., and the Rev. Messrs. Samuel L. Graham and 


N. H. Hardini^, with instructions to report thereon, 
during- the present Sessions. 

The rejjort of the Committee to whom the report 
of the Board of Directors of the Union Theological 
Seminary, and the letter from the Stated Clerk of the 
S}nod of Virginia had been referred; and which had 
been laid on the tabic for future consideration, was 
now taken up; read, a second time; considered, arti- 
cle by article; and adopted; and is as follows, viz: 

"Tl)e committee to whom were referred, the docu- 
ments relative to the Union Theological Seminary, 
communicated to this body, by the Synod of Virgi- 
nia, and by the Board of Directors of the said Semi- 
nary, report, 

"That they have had the subjects committed to 
them under consideration; and beg leave to recom- 
mend to Synod, the adoption of the following reso- 
lutions, viz: 

'^Hesokedf 1. That, in the event of the General As- 
sembly's forming a new Synod, consisting of East and 
West Hanover Presbyteries, and other Presbyteries, 
this Synod concur with the Synod of Virginia, in re- 
questing the General Assembly, to modify their act 
concerning the Union Theological Seminary, so as to 
provide, that the number of Directors shall be twen- 
ly-seven, viz: Eighteen Ministers and nine Ruling 
Elders; six Ministers and three Ruling Elders to be 
chosen by each Synod; — so as to accommodate the 
ac4, in all respects, to the new arrangement. 

"2. That the Rev. Messrs. Samuel L. Grahanr),Jas. 
W. Douglass, and W. S. Plumer, be and they here- 
by aie appointed a committee, to act with the cora- 
.ir;ittee which has been appointed by the Synod of 
Vigmia, at their late meeting, with plenary powers, 
to purchase the Library of the late Rev. M. Bruin of 
>,'ewYovk, provided that funds for that purpose can 
be raised. ' 

"3. That the Report of the Board of Directors of 
the Union Theological Seminary, laid before the Sy- 
pod at its present Sessions, be approved. From the 
stateuicnts therein made, the Synod express their be- 
lief, that the smiles of the great Bead of the churcb| 



liave cr?^ned the efTortji af ibc f-ieria*; of ii»:> ns'.r.;; 
in^tirutjon. vr;th encmirap'ii;' s^jcce^^ri. .^;uSTir ;hc nast 
ye^i and they direct, that said r?j>ori be entered on 
the Minutes. 

*^4: That, as the contiT.g-ent f;ind of the Scminan-, 
for several years to coTT.e, mii<:t derive its sapplic<; 
froTi con^ collections and xihereas this 
mode of contributing tf) that funii, has been overlook- 
ed by nearly all our congreirations, — therefore. — Rc- 
^Jrea, — that it be ag"a;n eamc-t'y and alTectionatrly 
recorhmended to all the churches u'ithin our houn.^iS, 
to collect as sr-on as possihle, t\renty-five cents from 
each ooniTTiunicanr, ir.d from other benevolent -.ndf- 
viduals; and fon»-ar.l the sa-ne to James D. Wood, 
Esq., Faruiville, Prince Edxard County, Viririnia; 
and that Si-nod, at its Ann'.jal Sessions. r.;ake inq-.urj- 
cf its meaibers, as to the discharge of ihcir duty in 
this respect," 

-7A11 which, is respectfully submitted. 

«WM. McPHtXTERS, "^ rj 

joiiK Romxsox, 1 I 

[S-gncd,] SAMUEL I^ GRAHAM, V| 



The follo^-insj is the Report of the Doanl ofDirtc- 
l:oTs, as directed bj the third of the above resolution? 
to be recorded. . 

'*Thc Board of Directors of the Union Thooloj^ical 
Seminar}', under the care of the Synods of Virginia 
a.ndNorili Carolina, report to the Synod* 

"That, at their first mectinpr, held at the time ap- 
pointed by the Synods, they adopted a course of sta* 
dy for the students of the Seminar}*, which complet- 
ed the plan for its re^dation: The plan, tog-clher 
with a sketch of its past histor\% its present comlltion, 
'and its prospects, they have taken measures to hnve 
publislied; and it is hoped it will soon be readv for 
distribution. At the same meetinpp, they unanimously 
elected the Rev. Hiram P. Goodrich', Profcsstir of 
Oriental Literature, andl^esnUed, that the proceeds 
of the New York Profejisorsliip, should be appropri- 
ated to the support of that professor, cngag^ing io 

:.'j^3JliFVi^=?^->:'^^^>- :7;iiv i^.^J's^^^Mte^ 



jit.ike up the salary of Mr. Goodrich, to ci.L^lit hun- 
dred dollars ])fr annum, until the proceeds of the 
Professorship should reach that amount. At the 
Spring- Meeting- Mr. Goodrich was solemnly inaui;ur- 
ated nito that Professorship, according to previous 
appointment of the Board. 

♦'Th^ instructio)! and govei'nment of the Seminarj', 
has been conducted by the Professors, diu-ing the 
year, in a manner higldy satisfactory to the Board. 

''The greatest number of Students connected \%ith 
the Senr.inary, during the year, has been twenty-se- 
ven. Of these, twelve were of the Junior, five of the 
Middle, and ten of the Senior Class. 

"The members of the Senior Class, have been li- 
cenced by their respective Presbyteries, to preach 
the Go=pel, at dilTerent times, during the year. Only 
one of tiiem, Mr. Angus McCallum, has remained in 
the Seminary, to the close of the year; and completed 
his cotirse: One member of this class, Mr. James Ro- 
binson, promising great usefulness, had he been 
spared, has died during the last Session. 

"At the close of each Session, a Committee of the 
Board has attended an examination of the Students, 
on the studies of the Session. These examinations 
have afforded very pleasing evidence of the capacity 
and diligence of the students, and the ability and fi- 
delity of their Instructors. 

"During the year, 193 volumes have been added 
to thelibrary, by donations and purchase. The whole 
number of volumes which it now contains, is 2193, in 
good order, and well arranged. 

"Some inconvenience has been experienced, dur- 
ing the year, for the want of sufficient accommoda- 
tions for the students; and a house is now needed for 
the Professor of Oriental Literature: The Board, at 
their present meeting, have taken measures for com- 
pleting the original plan of the Seminary buildings, 
which, they hope, will ensure its speedy completion. 
They have also accepted a proposal of the Professor 
of Oriental Literature, to collect funds, and superin- 
tend the erection of a house for that Professor: On 
this plan, a house for the Professor of Christian TJj?? 


oiogy has been erected Tiy that Protossor ihirlng" the 
year; and is now nearly ready for occupancy. The 
funds to defray the expense of this Ijuilding', have 
been subscribed by friends of the Institution, chiclly 
in Boston and its vicinity. 

"To the permanent funds of the Seminary, $Ct257 
have been added, during" the year, cxchisiveofa 
Scholarship, .amounting* to $2500, which has been 
given to tlie Institution, upon certain specified con- 
ditions, by the Presbytery of Winchester, and accept- 
ed by ti^^e Board, and of $4000, belonging; to the New 
York Professorship, now in the hands of agents in the 
City of Xew York; The whole amount ofpei-n)anent 
funds alreadv invested, is 

"For the Southern Professorship, 523,790 

the New k'ork Professorship, 4,100 

the Scholarship of \Vincbestcr Presby- 

tery, 2,500 

'•To this add, uninvested funds, > ary ^^a 
the little Sch obrshi?, 5 ^ * 
and moneys for the New'V 
York Professorship, in the I , qq-^ 
l£^2iL^ of agents, as ckq- T ^ 
tiGcedaboT^ J 


"And the Vhols ^_^...- ^; ,._:i:anent> ^-^ooo 
funds gT the Sennnary i% $ #^a,oi/v 

"The \SQ last items, though net rnrestcd, iwr yet 
In the hands of the Tressnrer, are productive, 

«TheBcani hare £ssd the fiscndaticn of a Scho- 
hnship, in the Insti^an^n, at $1(K)0, of any greater 
smn, net eszeeding' > 2,500. 

"The ccntingent ftind of '-■^ ^ "'- ' " v:. ■\ar 
source^ than the interest c. :p. 

plicableta tlie cmrtjnt 62^....-^^* ...^^..^...^w.^iv 
haye h^zxi conaderaiily less tiian last rear. The con-' 
gregational collecticns of 23 cents fwim each mem^ 
ber, recamniended by the Synods, have been receiv' 
3d from only 15 shnrches (£ the Synod of Virginia^ 


and 4oFthe Synod of North Carolina: They liave a- 
motinted to only $289 50; less than half th.c amountj 
from the same source, last year: Could the churches 
jyenerally he induced to adopt this simple and easy 
method of contributing* to the current expenses of 
the institution, it would meet all its present wants: 
Unless something- is done by the Synods to g-ive effi- 
ciency to the plan, serious difficulty is appreliended; 
ns the estimated necessary expenses of the Seminary, 
for the next year, considerably exceed the income 
from present resources. 

"A plan has been adopted by the Board, and will 
g-o into operation at the beg-inninj^ of the next Ses- 
sion, which, it is expected, will reduce the price of 
board in the Seminar}', to about ^4, or S4 50, per 

"It is with peculiar pleasure, that the Board, in 
concluding- their report, express their belief, that the 
great Head of the Church has so favoured the Institu- 
tion with the influences of his Spirit, during the year, 
that the g-rowth of the Students in experimental pie- 
ty, has been fully commensurate with their prog-ress 
in the intellectual furniture and discipline adapted to 
the work of the Afmistrv. 

[Signed] «WM. J. ARMSTRONG, 


* ^ Union Seminary f ^od September, 1829." 

The committees to whom the Records of the seve- 
i'al Presbyteries com.posing this Synod had been re- 
ferred, exhibited their reports respectively; which, 
being read, were adopted, and ordered to be record- 
ed; and are as follow, viz: 

*'The committee appointed to review the Records 
of the Presbytery of Orange, report, that they have 
performed the duty assigned them, and find the said 
Records generally correct; and recommend to Sy- 
r.od, that they be approved. 

[Signed] «R TATE, 



im'W, p ,| i w i jy ^ wifiai^imir 


**The committee appointed to review the Kecordj* 
of the Presibyte?-y of Concord, report, that, liavini,^ 
carefully examined those liccorus, from Xo\ 'r 5ih, 
1828, to Sept'r oth, 18J9, they find them carefully 
kept, and recommend-that thev be approved. 
[Signed] ''SAMUEL t'AlSLFA', 


"The committee appointed to review the Records 
of the Presbytery of rayetteville, report, that they 
Lave carefully examined said Records, from Oct'r 
oOth 1828, to July 11th 1829;— that they find these 
Records to be veiy accurately kept, and recommend 
that they be approved, to pag-e 244. 

[Signed] "R. H. MORRISON, 

^ A. W. GAY, 

* Cummittee." 

Agreeably to the recommendation contained in the 
above reports, tlie Moderator was directed to sign 
tlie Records of the several Presbyteries, as approv- 
ed; which was accordingly done. 

The Committee of Bills and Overtures presented 
Overture No. 4, which was read, and laid on the table. 

The term of service of three of the Directors of the 
Union Theological Seminary, viz: the Rev, Messrs. 
Joseph Labaree and Colin Mclver, and Mr. Samuel 
S. Downey, having exph-cd. Synod proceeded to e- 
Icct, by ballot, three other Directors in their room; 
and the ballots having been committed to the Rev. 
Jlessrs. Caruthers and Hunt, they forthwith report- 
ed, that the Rev. Messrs. Jesse Rankin and Daniel A. 
Tenick, and Mr. Thomas L. Cowan, were duly elect- 
ed, to seive as Directors of said Seminary for the en- 
suing four years. 

Overture No. 4, was taken up, read a second time, 
amended, and adopted; and is as follows, viz: 

Tins Synod having learnt, that the friends of the 
Sabbath, in various parts of the United States, are a- 
bout to renew their petitions to Congi-ess, to stop the 
transportation of the mail on that Holy day, therefore, 
Jicsolved, That this Synod do highly approve of these 
proceedings, when .conducted in the mild spirit of 


the Gospel, and do earnestly recommend to all the 
churches and congregations under their care, co-op- 
eration with their brethren, in other phices, to se- 
cure this great and desirable object. Should this ob- 
ject not be attained, the friends of the Sabbath, will 
set themselves free from responsibility, by having 
borne their united testimony against tliis alarming 
national sin. 

Resolved, moreover, That, in order to aid the friends 
of the Sabbath, throughout the State of North Caro- 
lina, in carrying into effect this important object, the 
Rev. William iMcPheeters, D. 1)., the Rev. John M. 
Wilson, D. U., the Rev. Messrs. Mclver, Morrison, 
and Hunt; and the Hon, Henry Potter, be, and they 
liereby are appointed a committee, to draft the form 
of a Memorial to Congress on this subject, with in- 
structions to prepare such draft, for the in?ipection of 
Synod, during the present Sessions. 

A letter was received from the Rev. James Wea- 
therby, assigning the reasons of his absence from the 
present Sessions of Synod; which reasons were sus- 

Mr. William C. Anderson, a licentiate of the Pres- 
bytery of Washington, Pennsylvania, appeared be- 
fo're Synod, as an agent for the Board of Missions, 
acting under the authority and by order of the Gen- 
eral Assembly of the Presbyterian Church; and being 
invited to communicate to Synod, the object of his 
agency, he made a statement of the plan, the opera- 
tions, and the wishes of said Board; from all which, 
it appeared, that the object of said Board was, to ob- 
tain this Synod's permission to form Missionary Soci- 
eties, auxihary to the said Board, in each congrega- 
tion within the bounds of this Synod, not already o- 
therwise pledged, and which should be found willing* 
to accede to this proposal. Whereupon, a resolu- 
tion expressive of this Synod's approbation of the 
plan of the \ssembly's Board of Missions, was pre- 
sented to Synod by one of its members, read, and laid 
on the table for future consideration. 

Agreeably to the order of the day. Synod entered 
into a conversation on the state of religion within 

'"V'^ctiun oi Synod, duri,,.- -i ,','"'''• "'■■ "■« 
Tlieolopcal Scmina,-,- on ,' "'"•"<"■» of l-'io fnion 

jron. ,,>s necessity of i^f A""!," "i=-"ed, 1-..,:,^^- xrere read: ^ "^ * ^^^ ^^iites oj>s. 
se^j^MamembJr*'^^ '^'^'^ -a Sjnod. and to^^ 

*» hold its Se^o ,^ oJ^rf^'^P'-"- ^«^ P^es^eX 


..M. ..u,e place. -J-™S^!t''f"tfwJ'S:3i: 
nod. ..o vvu,cn tUc i;'"-^^;^;"':^*. - f""^-' 

•^^^^:".Ulan McWo^g^d appca.^1 m.^«..a> 

tile pre«:"S->';f'™'';^"^L"u;t"iu« from th? con- 
^ac as a naember. ^ ^ ^ * 

last, tl,e J^S'l^'^f i"'t,5.ffo "d .^opportunity to the 

„512, to\.g fini^ed ivs bv«-acs3., t^£*lrJ5,<.»- 
oi'Sjnoawets^csuinf?* ^ 

solution is not intended to V^oUt^ iny ^ ^ 

last Assembly's ^f «i^; J^V'^ \,^ f^f h^ 
makes provision, that *'^^^e Uurc) es, tn^fc 
^onutely splicited to CQ-opcrute w.t ^^^^>^, 
Board of Missions, should yet be Utt ^»!^\^»> _^ .^^,, 


iar cuanncl, through wliich, tljcir chiinlica shull ihuv 
forth, i(» bless the pcrisuini;-." 

liesulvcdt That the next ^tatdl Scshioiis f>t'Mii'» Sy- 
notl, he held in the touii '.A' Mor^anto/i, m the (oim* 
ty of Burke; and. commence on the cvoMiiif^ oi Ihe 
iirst Tuesday of Octubtr 183'J, at 7 o'clock. 

The Committee of BiJlaand ()verturc» |iresenU>d 
Overture No. 5, which was read, .ind adopted; uwt 
is as follows, viz: 

. Ilr^ved, That the foUowirig be the standiner rnJr* 
Sof this Synod, in future, :a rei.ition to abscntep«». v>>:: 
.>Vhcn ilie MirJsters, who are jiiarkcci as i.hsentrrc, 
shull have stated to Synod, lucir reasons fir havmgr 
failed to aticiid on any oiits iessions, .t sisau b^ «>» 
■j.dst for the aiembers to jnaie iuch r-^rnarks <;■ op- 
probatioa or disapprobation, as ihey rnay th)nk j^r^ 
per; — bat n.Q question shall be put by tiic ATocIerator^ 
unless two uiejEiErer^ bf a motiot) madz and*»4 
fjr tliatptirpcsc^challria any p^iciilar case^ caU&r 
-i.i :'s;:. ziiion of the Tyriod's .5isap^probatkJT>-- 
■ :4. ta meet at this place or, uvtscrro^* a* 
--« iL. Cicsed «it£ ps^er. 

_i — --« *.^ 

y :iaw5r 


a forei.^n licentiate wlioni tliey had previously taken, 
on probation,— that, on the lOtii July 1829, they have 
dismissed tiie Kev. .Tames G. Ilamner, to jo:n the 
Presbytery of Hanover;— that, on the same day, they. 
have dismissed the Rev. John McFarland, to join the 
Presbytery of Harmony;— that, on the 11th of July 
1829,' they have ordained the Uev. Arcli'd Buie. 
Mmister of the Gospel, and installed him Pastor of 
the united congregations of llarbacue, Bethesda and 
Big Swamp;— that, on the 7th of ^A^ovember 1829, 
they have received tlie newly formed congregation 
of Galatia; and that, on the loth of November 1829, 
they have received, from the Presbytery of New York, 
Mr. William Brobston a licentiate. -^ 

The Stated Clerk was directed to prepare, from 
the Annual Reports of the several Presbyteries, a 
report from this Synod, to the next General Assem-- 
bly of the Presbyterian Church. 

The committee appointed to collect information, 
during the conversation held by Synod, on the state 
of religion, and on other topics therewith connected, 
submitted their draft of a statement on these subjects; 
which, being read, was adopted; and is as follows, viz: 
«'The reports which the Synod have received from 
the several Churches under their care, concerning- 
the state of religion among them, are such as are fit- 
ted to inspire the devoutest gratitude to the King of 
Zion for those manifestations of his grace and good- 
ness, which their people have experienced, during 
the past year. A larger number of our congrega- 
tions have been visited with' refreshing showers of 
grace, than have usually been thus favoured: and 
-while a deep interest in the things that pertain to the 
advancement of Immanuel's kingdom, continues to be 
felt among the most of those favoured parts of the 
Lord's vineyard, an awakening, of much promise, is 
also manifested, among many more of our congrega- 
tions. We have cause to bless God, that, in several 
of our churches, his spirit has been poured out, in 
copious effusions. While many souls have been fa- 
voured with comfortable hopes of having passed from 
death unto life; others, and of these a goodly number. 


have been awakened to an aftecting' sense of Ihcii- 
awful danger, and constrained to exclaim, "Wliat 
shall I do to be saved?" Of those who have given 
hopeful evidences of piety, two or three had been the 
habitual slaves of the intoxicating cup: a few others 
had lived under the influence of tiie princ^les of in- 
fidelity. While these instances shew the sovereign- 
ty of Divine grace, let no one, of any age, or in any 
-circumstance in life, take encouragement from them, 
to postpone the necessary attention to the things 
which belong to their peace. Let all^be admonish- 
ed, to "seek the Lord while he may be found;andto 
call upon him, wiiile he is near." "3o?y is the ac- 
cepted time; — behold, now is the day of salvation." 
^^T(j-day, if ye will hear his voice, harden not your 
hearts." *'Can the Ethiopian change his spots, or 
the leopard his skin? Then may he tiiat is accustom- 
ed to do evil, learn to do well." A large majority of 
those who have been admitted to sealing ordinances, 
on a profession and promising evidences of faith in 
Christ, were in the prime and vigour of youth. This 
is, indeed, the season, when the seeds of every chris- 
tian grace, should be so\vn in the heart. O, let the 
young be exhorted to remember their Creator in the 
days of their youth. God hath declared, that he loves 
them that love him; and that those who seek hira 
early shall find hira. 

*'It is gratifying to the Synod to learn, that the 
churches have not tired in works of benevolence. So 
far are they from being weary, in this respect, that a 
new spirit is going abroad among the churches, in re- 
lation to most of the benevolent institutions of the 
day; and we have much reason to hope, that a bright 
day is dawning, in which, every member of Christ's 
visible body, will pray^^nd give, and acty in full ac- 
cordance with the spirit of his Lord and Master. — 
Then shall Zion be lovely in all her borders; and sal- 
vation and joy shall abound in all her streets. 

"It is also matter of congi-atulation, that the Bible- 
cause, is rapidly progressing among us. All the fa- 
milies found destitute in two of our counties, have al- 
ready been supplied. In several other counties, re- 


solutions have been formed, and vigorous efforts uio 
imkinTto accomplish this great object, in reference 
rthJrmvn population. The discoveries made 
within our State', Ts to the -mber of families fo^^^^^^ 
destituteof the sacred volume, would ^irdly be deem 
ed crTchble^^had not the exper ment been made It^ 
a fact, not to be denied, that, m some of the wealthi. 
:stcoJ;.ties in our State, four ^^^^^^^ ^^J.J^^'^ 
were found without a copy of the Bible. Isow is t e 
^me for all our churches, to act with energy, in U e 
^Sat wo?k of philanthropy. It is a work, m which, 
the patriot, as well as the christian, should^^e a deep 
Se t" and take an active part It is gveatjy to be 
desired that our whole State should awake on this 
fub cct! and press forward, in this lab cnu' of love; 
fhat in accordance with the noble resolution of he 
Am'ri'an B^^le Society, ^H who wHU^cve the 
word of God, may be supplied, by May ^8ol. 

»Much is doing within our bounds, ^^^^e prorno^ 
tion oftheRedeemer's kingdom, by the wide and 
extensive circulation of Religious Tracts ^hesel t 
tie messens-ers of divine truth, are well adaptec: to 
find acce"?to many, who are inacc-.ble ^^^ °^^^^^^ 
«ieans of srace; and, in many instances, God has roacie 
S the ^appy instruments of salvation, to sods, 
whom theS^ voice of the Ambassador of Christ, 

^^Sa^Sc^-;^ in many of our cb^rd.^ - j[^ 
a flourishing condition; ?"d, we are happy to fi^^^^ 
that thev are increasing in number, ^^e na\ e, on 
fomer occasions, repeatedly recomTnended to our 
congregations, a persevering attention to these nui- 
seriS of piety and We do again. rene%vedly and ear- 
ne stlv, a?d afectionately ccSnmend them, toth'e con- 
S attention, and affectionate care, and fervent 

PTnro'srof'orchur.hes, Bible classes havebeen 
formed among- the youth. Some of these are large 
and flourishinf. It is earnestly wished and desired 
that all the cfildren of the covenant, shou^<^um^ 
themselves with these classes; that, hke Timothy 

they may become acquainted with the Holy Scn'p- 
tures, from their childhood. 

"Synod rejoice to find, that, in all those places from 
which reports have been received, the cause of tem- 
perance, is rapidly gaining ground. Several distille- 
ries, have, for conscience's sake, been stopped; and, 
from a view of the evils which have been known to 
arise from the habitual use of ardent spirits, many 
have ceased to traffick in this deadly poison. It is 
now but rarely used, as it has formerly been, in the 
exercise of hospitality; and, from repeated expeii- 
ments, it has been found, that all those laborious un- 
dertakings, to which, the use of this dileterious arti- 
cle was formerly deemed indispensable, can now be 
much better carried on, without, than with it. Sever- 
al temperance societies, on the principle of total ab- 
stinence from the use of ardent spirits, have been 
formed, within our bounds; — some of them large, con- 
sisting of from one to two hundred members; and in- 
cipient measures have been taken for the formation 
of many more; and we have good ground to hope, 
from the deep interest which the friends of religion 
and morality are now taking in this subject, that, 
within another year, a still greater reformation, under 
the blessing of God, may be effected. 

"Much interest is felt, and diligence employed, in 
searching out, and educating, pious youth for the Gos.- 
pel MinistT}-. Under the care of the several Presby- 
teries belonging to this Synod, there are now more 
than fifieen young men, prosecuting their studies, 
preparatory to this Holy calling; and several more ex- 
pect, soon, to enter on the same preparatory course. 
Brethren, the haiTest truly is plenteous, but the faith- 
ful labourers arc few: pray ye, therefore, the Lord of 
the har^'est, that he would send forth labourers into 
his harvest. , . 

"In connexion with this subject, we have. the gra- 
tification of presenting to, our Churches, the present 
standing", prospects^ ami claims, of the Union Theo- 
logical Seminary. For these, we refer our Churches 
to the interesting report of the Board of Directors of 
tha^t Institution, herewitti> pubUslicdi frpm which it 

,V\^ coi 


will be seen, that this school of the propliets has a 
peculiar claim on our patronage and our prayers. 

"Some interest is felt, by a portion of our popula- 
tion, in the object, plans, and operations of the A- 
merican Colonization Societ}'; yet nothing wortli no- 
ticing", has been effected. 
"Something has been done, by our pisople, during 
e past year, in the cause of Missions; but much, ve- 
much, remains yet to be done. There are many 
counties in our State, where there is no Preshyte- 
\ ^ ^'^^^ minister; and but few ministers of the Gospel 
vi^ ^^^ of any denomination. These destitute regions con- 
%) ^ tain a large population, which is constantly incrcas- 
4 ^ ing; and, at the same time, growing up in entire ig- 
"^ N, norance of Divine things. These facts loudly call on 
"* ^ • us to go forward, with increased and unwearied zeal 
A ^ and diligence, in the adoption of such measures as 
VV^ '\^ may increase the number of faithful labourers, in the 
\\ "^ Lord's vineyard. Brethren, although much remains 
\ ^ yet to be done, let us not be discouraged. Let us be 
r^ found in the path of dut}'; and we may safely leave 
1 ^ ^ the result with him who hath all hearts in his hands; 
J^*i and who conducteth them whithersoever he will, as 
"i^ - ^ the rivers of water are turned. The ti-iumphing of the 
' ^ \) wicked is short; Let us, then, take encouragement; 
) L and be strong in the Lord, and in tlie power of his 
J ^ might." 

- The Committee to whom Overture No. 2 had been 
referred, submitted an amended draft of said Over- 
' lure, consisting of a Synodicai Act for the promotion 
of temperance; which was read, considered, and u- 
nanimously adopted; and is as follows, viz: 
/'^'Whereas the cause of temperance, in the United 
\;^/ States, has already assumed a most encouraging and 
vt;^^! commanding aspect; and is daily becoming, more 
%^ \\ and more, a subject of the deepest interest, to the 
ftY'V moralist, to the Christian patriot, and to the Church 
^^ ^ of Christ; and whereas; it cannot be denied, that the, 
use. of drdent Spirits, hsis long been, and still is, the 
fruitful source of incalculable mischief to our belov- 
ed- country; — mamng' the beauty, and threatening,' 
more or less, the stabihty of its free institutions; de*